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  • VPBX-Starter-1 (Monthly)
  • N2,999 per Extension
  • 1 Extension
  • Free CUG Line
  • DID Service
  • Voice Mailbox
  • IVR Service
  • VPBX-SOHO-4 (Monthly)
  • N2,499 per Extension
  • 4 Extensions
  • Free CUG Line
  • DID Service
  • Voice Mailbox
  • Access to Intl Trunk
  • VPBX-SME-10 (Monthly)
  • N2,299 per Extension
  • 10 Extensions
  • Free CUG Line
  • DID Service
  • Access to Conference Service
  • Access to Intl Trunk

Virtual Office PBX

The Virtual Office solution from Spantree allows entrepreneurs, consultants, small & midsize businesses run their business professionally from their mobile phones. With the bundled enterprise communication features, which include auto-attendants, professional greetings, voicemail, fax-to-email, CallCenter, conferencing and Intl SIP trunks, you can manage all your business communications without any of the small business limitations.

Features Include –

  • Local or Intl Numbers

    Full support for numbers from 20+ countries

  • Voicemail via Email

    Receive your voice-mails as email messages.

  • Manage Online

    Assign numbers and customize your greetings from our customer portal.

  • DID Mapping Service

    Get local numbers from different countries to give your business a local presence.

  • Full CallCenter Capabilities

    Run a full call-center off our cloud platform without any of the hassles of managing one.

  • Call Forwarding to Mobile Phones

    Remain truly mobile by receiving extension calls on your mobile phone.

  • Unlimited Extensions

    Map multiple local extensions to your mobile phone numbers.

  • Integrated CUG Service

    Take advantage of unlimited local calls with integrated CUG service from local partners.

  • Custom IVR Service

    Manage your incoming calls with a Virtual Receptionist service.

  • Call Recording Options

    Option for Call Recording with Call center service option.

With the Callcenter capabilities, you can run a fully functional callcenter with none of the overheads. Sound like a big company and have your voice mail sent to your email while on the move. You never have to apologise for being small ever again!   Click here to Sign Up Now.



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