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We have developed industry scenarios that illustrate how our products can be applied to solve IT problems within each vertical.

Scenario 1 – Small Retail Shop

Requirement – Low cost Point of Sale solution with support for Inventory, staff, POS accessories and online Sales check

Solution – spanBOX POS web based Point of Sale solution. Retail shop owner can check Sales status from any Internet connected device (even smartphones) in the world.


Components  spanBOX 505 ONE, spanBOX 702/703 POS & Accessories          Buy

Scenario 2 – Multi-location Shops, SuperMarket, Eateries

Requirement – Point of Sale Solution with support for multi-location shops eg. Eateries, Toy shops etc.

Solution – spanBOX POS web based Point of Sale solution supports multi-locations with advanced Business Intelligence and reporting. You can view sales per shop or total sales from all shops.


Components – spanBOX 505 ONE, spanBOX 702/703 POS & Accessories          Buy


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