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CloudBOX – Private Cloud Solutions

This is our cutting edge modular private cloud solution that provides a low cost entry point for businesses to enjoy the cost advantages and other direct benefits of a flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure. The Cloudbox solution is a highly versatile platform that incorporates advanced virtualization, storage, and virtual desktop technologies in simple building blocks that can be scaled as computing requirements grow. A customer can start with a basic module (server) and add more modules as more processing is required with all modules working together to form a highly reliable computing grid.




This is the main computing module that is used for running virtual servers. With the CloudServe module, customers do not need to invest in conventional hardware for every application. Rather all their application workloads are run as optimized virtual machines within the resilient CloudServe system.



This is the backup and disaster recovery module that in combination with the backup client enables automated backup and restore of the customer’s virtual or physical computer and server data. It can be configured as a NAS or a iSCSI target for desktop users or other servers and also has the capability to provide hybrid offsite backup/recovery to an external datacenter.



Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the practise of hosting desktop operating systems within a virtual machine (VM) running on a centralized server. VDI solutions have become mainstream as a means of consolidating and streamlining desktop management costs in business IT environments with visible benefits.



The Spantree BranchBox (BB-1505) appliance is a hybrid platform that combines a full featured router with a world-class WAN optimization appliance to create the perfect branch WAN router. The router module supports all the standard routing protocols – (BGP, OSPF, RIPv2) and tunneling protocols (GRE, SSLVPN, & IPSeC). The WAN Optimization module will accelerate most common applications.


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