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We have developed industry scenarios that illustrate how our products can be applied to solve IT problems within each vertical.

Scenario 1 – Wimax/LTE Access

Requirement – Low cost alternative for edge POP Provider Edge device (PE) in a WiMAX/LTE deployment.

Solution – The spanBOX Route solution is based on a world acclaimed open routing platform and leverages on the advances in the x86 standard architecture to provide a low cost and extremely scalable routing solution.

As a WiMAX edge POP aggregation device, the spanBOX Route device range support the standard network protocols and technologies (BGPv4/6, OSPFv2, RIPv2, IPSec) and offers a very low price per L3 forwarding.


Components – spanBOX Route 505          Buy

Scenario 2 – Remote Site NMS

Requirement – Provision of a remote POP monitoring solution

Solution 1 – With the spanBOX NMS solution, you can, in combination with remote terminal units (RTU), monitor the status of the environmental elements (power, temp, moisture) and network infrastructure of a remote POP. The central management system can be cloud-based or deployed as a premise-hosted solution.



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Solution 2 – Within a WiMAX/LTE Service network, backhauls (fiber, microwave, DSL) are required to aggregate subscriber traffic from edge POPs to the central NOC. In a typical 100 POP network, the required number of individual backhaul hops can easily top 120, and grow geometrically as the network grows. One of the main challenges in managing a growing heterogeneous backhaul network, is monitoring individual hops for network problems (congestion, jitter, packet drops).

The spanBOX NMS device provides a simple solution that allows you to monitor individual backhaul hops and last mile connections to high profile customers.


Components – spanBOX NMS 502 RA & 2505 CA          Buy


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