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We have developed industry scenarios that illustrate how our products can be applied to solve IT problems within each vertical.

Scenario 1 – Small Office Home Office (SOHO) (1-10 users)

Requirement – Cost effective solution for router, PBX with IVR, file server etc.

Solution – The spanBOX ONE All-in-One Server provides a router, IP PBX, IVR, Firewall, Web Filter, Web Cache, File/Print Services, and VPN all in one compact low cost device!


Components – spanBOX ONE 505, spanBOX GoIP-1          Buy

Scenario 2 – Single Location SME (10-50 users)

Requirement – IT & communications solution for small office.

Solution – The spanBOX ONE in combination with the VoIP and Storage solutions provide the best value for a complete IT & communications solution. The solution also supports advanced IP PBX capabilities with optional integration to the VoIPConnect network for the cheapest Intl Calls.


Components – spanBOX 1510 ONE, 1510 VoIP, SAN, GoIP-1          Buy 

Scenario 3 – Multi-location SME/Branch

Requirement – IT & Communications solution with VPN connection between different branches.

Solution – The spanBOX Route product supports IPSec VPN connections and standard routing protocols (BGPv4/6, OSPFv2, RIPv2). The spanBOX VoIP device will provide enterprise level communications between branches with support for IM Chat, and Voice Conferencing.


Components – spanBOX 505 Route, 1510 Route, 505 VoIP, GoIP-4, spanCLOUD Serve, Store and VDI.          Buy

Scenario 4 – Mid-Enterprise

Requirement – Managed IT and Communications solution for business with 100-1000 employees. The solutions should include all Server and Voice services with desktop and storage management.

Solution – The CloudBOX private cloud platform – Serve, VDI, & Store, provides a compact and integrated solution for desktop management, storage management, and the centralized management of enterprise applications. The spanBOX Route platform provides routing and branch VPN termination functionality.


Components – spanBOX Route 1510, GoIP-4, spanCLOUD Serve, Store, VDI          Buy

Scenario 5 – Enterprise Monitoring

Requirement – Monitor and manage networks, servers, applications, and desktops.

Solution – The spanBOX NMS solution provides comprehensive monitoring of key IT assets including end-to-end QoS for inter-branch links.


Components – spanBOX NMS 502 RA, 1505 RA, 2505 CA (opt)          Buy


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