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The use of digital media like electronic displays to show information, advertising and public announcements is growing globally and with complementary cellular and wireless broadband coverage has the potential to be the most popular means of digital out of home (DOOH) advertising medium. The benefits of digital signage over static signs, which include, interactive signs that can adapt to the context of the audience with videos and animations, are becoming quite visible to the ad agencies and the consumer public. Digital signage can and do offer superior return on investment compared to static signs and billboards.


The spanBOX MEDIA hardware appliances are purpose built for the challenging media signage environments, providing exceptional performance with low heat generation and minimal cooling requirements, resulting in improved stability and longetivity.


SpanBOX SB-702 Appliance



The spanBOX 702 MEDIA appliance provides digital signage poster solutions in a high-performance small form-factor hardware appliance. The best-selling spanBOX 702 appliance is recommended as a signage player for simple digital signage solutions, and comes with embedded optional support for 3G and WiFi communications.

SpanBOX SB-701 Appliance


The spanBOX 701 MEDIA appliance provides digital signage poster solutions in a high-performance compact form-factor hardware appliance. It is recommended as a signage player for simple digital signage solutions.


It is a cloud hosted signage solution that allows for remote update of your digital content to your screens in real time.

  • Video: High-definition (HD/HDTV) video formats including 480p, 720p, and 1080i/p.
  • Animation: Flash 10
  • Images: Standard web formats like JPEG, GIF, and PNG
  • Live TV from your cable box, satellite receiver, DVD player, antenna, etc.
  • Websites and web pages
  • Tickers and crawls using RSS or text feeds
  • Calendars, clocks, and other widgets.
  • Live Twitter feeds

Only when you want to subscribe to our cloud update package. You can also load your videos locally.

Yes you can once you convert to the SWF format.

We would recommend using an industrial type screen since they last longer and are brighter. However, you can use any screen with a RGB or HDMI port. Just connect your screen to our signage player and start displaying your media content.

By subscribing to our Cloud Service, you get free access to a large library of sample content you can use to build your presentations. However, for custom content, we can help develop your content for a small fee.


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