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Hosted Business Email

With 144.8 billion emails sent every day, its quite clear that email’s importance as a means of communication is getting stronger. The average corporate person receives and sends about 112 emails daily and prefers to communicate by email than any other medium. Hence having a good email service is critical for any organization who takes its communication and business seriously, so why do we still have businesses with non-professional email accounts? Well, most say good business email is expensive to own and maintain.

With the Spantree Hosted Business Email service, we have partnered with world class developers to provide an Email Service packed with premium features at low operational costs. We provide a complete messaging solution that includes email, calendars, contacts, and unified communication services over a user friendly webmail interface that enables intuitive access.

OX App Suite is a device independent, highly scalable middleware platform that integrates messaging, collaboration and 3rd-party cloud-based applications into a single browser interface. Applications can be combined to give you just what they need to communicate or collaborate, where you need it. Stop being a channel for Apps that are not your own.


Over 75% of our digital presence and communication is spent deciding how to prioritize who, what and how to connect with the important people in life. The OX Portal is the starting point where your users come for an overview of all online interaction: social, messaging, RSS, meetings…


All accounts in one place. Your users can add or remove accounts from various email providers with pushbutton simplicity. OX App Suite provides a central interface for all email communications…


Managing and sharing time. This intuitive calendar makes group appointment scheduling simple and visual. It also lets users integrate external social calendars and share them to with other users…


A single address book: who doesn’t need one. This central, one-stop repository contains all your a unified view of one’s contacts – be it personal email address or mailing lists, centralized address books, imported social contacts or collected interaction.

Start communicating with our Enterprise Email Service. Pricing starts from N800 per month/per account.


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