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We have partnered with world-class and innovative companies to bundle a new range of environmental monitoring, access control and time attendance solutions that are cost effective, simple to deploy and manage with an unmatched industry feature set. This solution eliminates the cost and complexity from access control solutions as it can scale from a single standalone unit to thousands of units with a single management interface.



Environmental Monitoring


With your computer and data room being a critical part of your IT infrastructure, its important that you monitor all the critical components for environmental factors that could lead to an outage and consequent loss of revenue or data. The solution components include intelligent sensors that can monitor temperature, humidity, water leaks, and provide alerts on events.


Monitored parameters include the following -

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water leakage
  • Airflow
  • Security
  • Detection of AC Power Line Voltage
  • Measurement of Digital Voltmeter

Escalation Methods include -

  • SNMP traps
  • Email
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Make a telephone call
  • Make audio alert
Home & Business Surveillance



With our high quality and affordable security surveillance systems, you are assured that your business and home are secure from intruders. With its multiple viewing, monitoring, and recording options, you are in control that every corner of your property is covered. Our high resolution cameras are part of a highly integrated system with the ability to connect from anywhere via your tablet, smartphone, or PC.

  • High resolution with night vision.
  • Integrated Video Recording and Playback.
  • High quality and affordable solutions
  • Connect from anywhere with any device.
Fuel Monitoring


Monitor and track your fuel usage to avoid waste, theft, and leakages. The remote Fuel Monitoring solution is an integrated solution that is compatible with petrol, diesel, fresh water, and grey water systems. It can be integrated with biometric and camera surveillance to identify and monitor personnel, as well as provide recorded proof of events. Notification types include – SMS, SNMP Traps, and Email.

  • Flexible integration
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Highly accurate Ultrasonic sensors
  • Detailed fuel consumption reports
  • High biometric scanning resolution 500 dpi


I have a datacenter and would like to monitor the temperature and humidity levels?

We can provide a simple solution that can integrate with your existing NMS or bundled with an one, with full support for the range of alerts – SMS, Email, SNMP traps etc.

I would like to monitor my home and connect to view what happening in real time.

We can provide a solution with our very affordable home surveillance bundle. Remote connectivity is enabled from your smartphone, tablets, iPad, Mac, and PC.

I need a surveillance solution for my Retail store.

No matter how large your store is, we can provide secure coverage with our retail bundle.

I need a security surveillance solution for my business.

We can provide total coverage for any business size with our solution. Deter theft and other illegal activities with a full coverage surveillance solution.




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