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We have developed industry scenarios that illustrate how our products can be applied to solve IT problems within each vertical.

Scenario 1 - Enhanced Secure WAN

Requirement - Encrypted communication between government agencies and communication services.

Solution - The CloudBOX solution in combination with the spanBOX Route and VoIP solutions provide a complete set of IT features that range from a scalable private cloud computing infrastructure to toll free enhanced communications between all locations. All locations traffic are encrypted with the highest form of encryption.


Components – spanBOX Route 505, 1505, 505 VoIP, spanCLOUD Serve, Store, and VDI          Buy

Scenario 2 - Public Communication

Requirement - Dynamic public communication solution with centralized management.

Solution - The spanBOX Signage product provides a dynamic Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) solution with centralized web-based management and automatic updates that can scale from a single to thousands of managed displays.

Government agencies can use digital signage as a cost effective and quick way to communicate important news and information to the public in waiting areas like airports, receptions, shopping malls, and even outdoors. The system can be designed to inform about new housing projects, road-works projects, and other public service announcements – all in real time.

Components – spanBOX Route 505, 1505, 505 VoIP, spanCLOUD Serve, Store, and VDI          Buy


Components – spanBOX Media 702          Buy



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